You can’t ever be too safe when it comes to safeguarding your valuables, property, or merchandise.  When a thief breaks into a store, for example, it could take the police at least a few minutes to get to the location depending on how far away they are from the robbery, how many other calls officers are responding to, and how many officers are actively on duty at that moment. By the time law enforcement will have arrived at the store, the burglars would have already made off with thousands of dollars of your merchandise.

However, with a security rolling grille, thieves are deterred from trying to rob your business or property. And you will have greater peace of mind knowing that your merchandise or your clients’ valuables are protected. At Industrial Door Solution, we can build a door to accommodate any space, so give us a call and tell us what your security rolling grille needs are!

Security Rolling Grilles

Security Benefits

Security gates from Industrial Door Solution are a vital tool in helping property owners keep their merchandise or valuables — from cars, works of art, and furniture to pharmaceutical drugs — safe and protected, while also allowing merchandise and goods to be seen by potential customers. This lightweight, durable, and easy-to-operate gates permit air to flow through them for improved ventilation. 


Security grilles aid in loss prevention strategies, keep employees safe after-hours and protect valuables while still allowing for merchandise to be on display. Security grilles can protect a variety of locations including but not limited to:

  • Auto parts stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Museums
  • Bars
  • Warehouses
  • Mall kiosks
  • Parking garages
  • Cafeterias and restaurants
  • Car dealerships 
  • Retail stores
  • Convention centers
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Airports

Door Options

Industrial Door Solution offers an impressive lineup of security grilles that are useful in retail, industrial, and commercial situations. There are a number of options available so you have the right door for your protection. Different doors operate using different systems. The most common ones include

  • Motor-operated grilles
  • Chain hoist grilles
  • Counter rolling doors

Grilles can either come in aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel, which are very lightweight and durable metals. Security doors can come in a variety of designs such as straight lattice, staggered brick, or in a diamond pattern, just to name a few styles. Manual grilles are the preferred door-lifting type for those who want to save money because they are a lot less expensive to install. But there are also many advantages to choosing an electric grille. 

Open Air Versus Full-Closure

There are two models of security grills: open air and full closure. Open-air grilles allow for visual clarity and ventilation, whereas full closure models only provide visibility, but with extra protection. 

Side-Folding Versus An Upward-Coiling Grille

You will need to decide how you will want to open your new security grille. Do you want to unlock it from the bottom and manually roll it up, or would you prefer to manually open a side-folding grille? And if you’re choosing an automatic grille, what considerations do you need to keep in mind?

If the opening to your store is curved or is very wide, then a side-folding is best for you. Side folding grills are not electronic, so you will manually have to open and close them, but that may help you save on installation costs. They’re also the ideal choice if you have no clearance above the opening of your doorway, or if the ceiling is so low that the clearance is too limited to make an upward-coiling door possible. 

But side-folding doors don’t come with an emergency response feature in them the way that upward-rolling grilles do. In terms of human safety, many doors are engineered to provide an electronically-controlled emergency egress so that the door can be opened quickly for people to get in or out rapidly. One of the advantages of automated security gates is that they allow for containment or egress depending on what the situation calls for. Some doors can move as fast as 2 feet per second, making it easier for people to get out. This option is only available on upward-coiling security grills.

Chain Operated Rolling Security Grille

These types of doors are operated manually with a gear-reduced chain hoist to make it much easier to use. Mounting for these security grills, which is the track where the grille itself will slide on, is typically on the interior face of the wall, though between the jams is an option. An electric motor or crank can be added to make these easier to operate. These come with a protective hood covering. The hood or cover protects and stores the grille while it is rolled up. Hoods are manufactured using galvanized or stainless steel and are then painted.

Motor-Operated Rolling Steel Door

These are a type of upward-folding coiling grilles that are electronically operated, come with the electrical control emergency egress feature, and are durable enough to withstand heavy usage. While these are motor-operated, they can be operated by hand in an emergency. One of the advantages of using these types of doors is that there are many additional security features you can add on. One is a pneumatic sensing edge which is highly recommended for areas of high foot traffic or vehicle traffic. A variety of sensors to suit your needs can be added to track traffic from people or cars.

Counter Rolling Grille

These are very common in stadiums, cafeterias, parts counters and offices. These are ideal for small spaces but can be used in larger openings as well. These roll down to secure an area while still maintaining good visibility and air circulation. Counter rolling grilles are also made with either aluminum or steel.

Full Enclosure Security Grilles

In contrast to the open-air grilles described already, these do not allow for open space, which gives an added layer of protection to your goods and valuables. In between each of the metal bars is tempered glass that prevents crime or defacement. You can rest assured that whatever is behind the grille won’t be touched by the outside world.