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At Industrial Door Solutions, we offer a wide variety of fire-rated steel rolling door products for business and commercial spaces. All of our products meet fire safety standards and are designed to close automatically in case of a fire. Our rolling doors are also able to connect to existing fire alarm systems in conjunction with smoke detectors. Being smoke and air tested is one of the major selling points of our doors, and our clients are always satisfied with our quality installations and fair pricing. When there is an outbreak of a fire, our doors offer superior protection compared to other doors on the market. In addition, our doors can meet up to 3 Hr fire ratings which make our products very durable under extreme heat.

The Benefits of Fire Rated Rolling Steel Doors

The main benefit of our doors to our clients is fire protection and safety, making sure that property and personnel are protected from the flames and fumes of an active fire. Whenever a fire occurs, our doors activate and close from the ceiling to the floor to seal off the area where the fire is taking place, thus preventing the fire from spreading throughout the premises. In addition to saving lives, our doors protect property, supplies, products, sensitive documents, and potential widespread damage. An insulated fire is a good situation to have because the fire is contained due to our quality fire doors overhead. Our doors are designed to stop and slow down the spread of a fire from one area to another by isolating the fire until it gets drenched by the fire safety system or until local firefighters arrived.

Motor Operated and Durable

Having fire doors overhead means they can be operated in a variety of ways, such as “push-up” (standard), chain (optional), and motorized crank (optional). The push-up operated overhead rolling door is the best solution when the opening needs to be unobstructed most of the time, and the door is to be in the up position and will only close in the case of an active fire. In addition, the push-up door comes equipped with a set of fusible links that help the door to close in case of an emergency or a raging fire. Along with the already installed fire system, these doors can be made with many optional features such as powder coatings, stainless steel, and wind-rated for exterior openings. 

Motor Operated Fire Rated doors work in conjunction with the fire system of the door. They have an easy reset fire system where no technical support is needed if the door drops in case of an emergency. Unlike the push-up doors where the whole system needs to be reassembled, these doors can automatically open after the fire system closes the door. They come standard in 120 volts but can come in 230 or 460 volts 3 phase (optional). In addition, a button with an Open/Close/Stop function is added for the operation of the door. 

Costs and Installation of Steel Doors

Investing in an overhead door that is fireproof is one of the best fire safety solutions for businesses and commercial establishments. Costs and time of installation depend on the size, material, and labor needed to set up the overhead door. To cater to the exact needs of our clients, the height and width can be customized to fit various-sized openings throughout a building or warehouse area as required by the local fire code. Selecting a steel door is often the first choice by business owners and property managers because they offer superb control of smoke and fire situations. They also act as a service door for loading docks at distribution centers and extra security for employee entry and exit daily.

Requirements and Certifications

Whether it is a fireproof rolling door or rolling service doors, these types of doors are required to be evaluated by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Like an overhead door, fire doors, and doors made of specialized steel, all of them need to pass specific criteria to ensure the doors can be operated safely. Before any of our doors begin working on your premise, we make sure the doors and the mechanism opening and closing the door are in good working order for smooth and hassle-free use.    

Direct Application in High Traffic Areas

Our fire doors can be used in various spaces and properties that include warehouses, retail stores, schools, banks, hospitals, corporate offices, and large public buildings. Fire doors are a vital part of a property’s fire safety plan, and our clients know that to protect their business or building’s infrastructure from a potential hazard such as a raging fire, investing in fire doors is worthwhile. Some fire doors are designed to be closed at all times, while some are held open by using electromagnetic hardware wired to a building’s fire alarm system. For example, if the power cuts out or the fire alarm is activated, regardless of the situation, the magnet de-energizes, and the doors close on their own, leaving a tight and secure seal.

Protection for Businesses and Personnel

Our professional team has completed many projects for various clients that are satisfied with our work. We have confidence that we are providing the best quality product to our buyers and our standards are just as important. Doors made from steel stop fire right in its tracks saving property from damage and saving lives. Our advanced fire doors made from steel are designed to automatically activate your door in the event of a fire and the ensuing smoke.

One of the main reasons we recommend steel as the ideal material for our clients than any other material is that steel leaves a tight seal where fire and smoke cannot escape or permeate through, allowing any occupants to evacuate safely. As a result, our rolling fire-rated doors have become a reliable choice for property owners who want the highest level of safety and fire protection available.

Safety and Quality: The Hallmarks of Our Manufacturing Process

  • We use steel for our doors because it’s tough, resilient, and resistant to fire. It is the ideal material to make our doors as reliable as possible.
  • With a design and materials in place, our state-of-the-art machines carve the steel to the exact size needed for your door.
  • Every part, from rails to hinges, is put together with care. Our attention to detail ensures the door operates smoothly whenever you use it.
  • After the door is assembled, we finish it with a powder coating to improve its look and add an extra layer of protection.
  • Before the door leaves our facility, it’s inspected and tested thoroughly to ensure it meets our high-quality standards and can withstand fire and smoke.

Industry Applications of Fire-Rated Rolling Steel Doors

Given their versatile design, durability, and superior fire protection capabilities, our fire-rated steel doors are an ideal choice for various industries.

Manufacturing and industrial facilities

Factories and industrial plants often handle potentially flammable materials. Our rolling steel fire door is vital in these settings, providing an effective barrier against fire, minimizing damage to machinery, and protecting employees.

Distribution centers and warehouses

Most warehouses are vast structures that store significant amounts of inventory. A fire in such an environment could lead to catastrophic loss. Our rolling fire door offers reliable containment and prevents fire from spreading throughout the facility, thus safeguarding your assets and operations.

Photo of Rolling Doors

Educational institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities need to prioritize safety, which includes robust fire protection. Our fire-rated door helps compartmentalize buildings, significantly slowing the spread of fire and smoke, allowing for safer, more orderly evacuations during a fire or alarmed event.

Healthcare facilities

Hospitals and healthcare centers require the highest level of safety to protect patients, staff, and expensive equipment. Our fire-rated doors integrate seamlessly with existing fire safety systems, translating into crucial additional time for evacuation or allowing fire services to control the situation.

Retail spaces and shopping malls

With a high concentration of people and goods in a confined space, effective fire protection measures are essential in retail stores. These heavy-duty customized fire doors reduce the potential harm to people and limit property damage by helping contain incidents.

Public and government buildings

In buildings operated by the public sector and government, maintaining superior safety standards is of utmost importance. The fire doors we provide meet and exceed the rigorous regulations often enforced in such environments.

Fire Rated Rolling Steel Door

Fire Rated Rolling Steel Door

Fire Rated Doors can be made push up (standard) chain (optional ) motorized (optional) crank (optional). The push up operated door is the best solutions when the opening needs to be clear the majority of the time and the door is to be in the up position and will only come down in case of a fire. The push up door comes with a set of fusible links to aid the door in closing in case of an emergency or fire.
In addition to the fire system these doors can be made with many optional features such as Powder coat, stainless steel. Wind rated for exterior openings and many more.


Fire Rated Motor Operated Rolling Steel Door

Fire Rated Motor Operated Rolling Steel Door

Motor Operated Fire Rated doors work in conjunction with the fire system of the door. They have an easy reset fire system where no technical support is needed if the door drops in case of an emergency. Unlike the push up doors where the whole system needs to be re-aasambled, these doors can be open automatically after the fire system closes the door. They come standard in 120 volts but can come in 230, or 460 volts 3 phase (optional). In addition a Push button with a Open/Close/Stop button are added for operation of the door. Oversize Fire Rated Doors are also available.


Stainless Steel Fire Rated Doors Contact us for price

Stainless Steel Fire Rated Doors Contact us for price

Stainless Steel Fire Rated Doors are also available from IDS. 304 no.4 Stainless Steel and 316 no,4 Stainless Steel. We are the only manufacturer in the US to offer 316 Stainless Steel in Wind rated applications. In addition we are also one of the few manufacturers to offer a complete system in stainless steel including tracks, wall angles and even Windlocks which can help your door prevent from rusting. Make sure to contact us for your next Stainless Steel application to ensure you get the best product.


Applications for Rolling Steel Fire Doors

  • Fire and Smoke Containment
  • Trash Room applications
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Warehouse Divisions and separations

Below you can see a video of our Fire Rated Roll up Door being tested with the Chain hoist Easy test system. By pulling the release cable you can drop test your fire door to ensure optimal condition and know that it will work in case it is needed.

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