Insulated Roll-Up Doors

Your industrial door serves several purposes for your business. First, it protects your property from theft, the elements, trespassers, etc. But can it be doing an even better job? In addition to designing, fitting, and installing some of the best overhead door systems in the country, Industrial Door Solution also offers insulated rolling doors that do everything that other door designs do and help reduce energy costs. Contact an Industrial Door Solution representative to talk about installing or replacing an insulated roll-up door or doors in your facility. 

The Advantages of an Insulated Roll-Up Door

Like all industrial doors, insulated doors are strong, practical, and durable. The additional advantage of an insulated roll-up door is that it can reduce your heating and air conditioning bill. If you consider what percentage of your electricity bill goes to heating and cooling — approximately 50% — you want to do everything you can to reduce the amount of heat that either escapes or invades your space. If you have four trucking bays, each protected by uninsulated rolling doors, you can imagine how much energy seepage you have. If you replace them with insulated doors, you can dramatically reduce your power bills. 

When You Should Use a Roll-Up Door

Overhead doors are a fantastic solution when you have a large aperture that you need to cover. Because the door opens by rolling upward, you don’t have to worry about the door interfering with loading or vehicle entry. You can also have automatic openers installed. These can either be chain-driven openers that pull the door along the tracks with chain wall-mounted door openers which mount near the tracks and move the door with rollers. Roll-up doors are an excellent solution for warehouses and garages, but they can be employed virtually anywhere you choose to have one. You should consider starting outright with an insulated overhead door or doors to maximize energy efficiency. 

FAQ About Roll-Up Doors

With over thirty years in the commercial security door business, we’ve probably heard every question that you can imagine. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions about security doors and our answers. 

Are insulated doors a good value?

While an insulated overhead door may be slightly more expensive than a metal door that allows heat to pass through it, an insulated door will save your money over the long run. But, of course, how much money largely depends on the number of doors you require, your monthly energy costs, and the exterior climate of your building. 

How does insulation prevent energy seepage? 

Standard metal doors that don’t have insulation are conductors of thermal heat. It’s a common misconception that heat and cold are similar but opposite conditions. The truth of the matter is that cold is the absence of heat. So, your air conditioning system doesn’t spread the cold. It removes the heat. Like a thermos, the insulation acts as a wall that the heat can’t pass through. So, if you want it to be warm inside during colder months, your heat can’t pass through the door and escape. Conversely, if it’s hot outside, the heat can’t pass through the doors to get in. Naturally, there will be some tiny amount of heat passing through, but with proper door installation, that seepage will be kept to a minimum.

What areas does Industrial Door Solution service? 

We are a Florida-based company with pickup locations in Miami and Tampa. We can ship your insulated rolling door anywhere in the U.S. We also have standard shipping to the Caribbean Islands, Canada, Mexico, and South America, but we will ship your doors worldwide. To ensure a proper fit, we provide measurement instructions with your free consultation. We don’t recommend installing an insulated door yourself unless you have proficiency at this sort of install, but we have instructions on our site. 

Does an insulated door sacrifice protection?

Our insulated doors are just as secure as the non-insulated doors that you’re currently using. So you don’t have to sacrifice protection from exterior elements to achieve greater energy efficiency. 

How soon after installation will I recognize savings on my electric bill?

In theory, the savings will begin immediately after installation. You may not see a difference in your first power bill. Still, after a month or so, assuming you don’t increase your power usage, you should notice the benefits of the additional protection offered by your new commercial doors

Do these doors work with automatic openers?

These custom doors are virtually indistinguishable from traditional doors, and the weight differential is negligible. You should not have difficulty getting them to work with conventional automatic openers, but talk to your installer or one of our door experts before committing.  

Custom Insulated Roll-Up Doors 

For three decades, the experts at Industrial Door Solution have been helping to protect businesses and save them money by reducing their insurance costs. Now, Industrial Door Solution wants to help your company save money with a simple, “green” solution: insulated doors. So whether you are converting to roll-up doors or you just want to switch out your existing doors to start realizing long-term savings, Industrial Door Solution can provide you with the custom doors you need. Call today for a free consultation.