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What Do We Do?

With many years of experience in the commercial doors and loading dock industry, IDS offers cost-effective and valued engineered solutions for doors and docks. We take pride in our great and helpful service with innovative solutions to tackle any job. With many projects successfully completed, we have the knowledge and ability to provide you with the best product every time. In addition to quality, we also provide the best prices. We match any competitor’s price and offer a 10% discount when you show us a comparable product. Our mission is to give you the best price and the highest quality possible.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with a wide selection of commercial doors in many different designs, sizes, and functions. Our products are manufactured for a variety of purposes and applications, including accessories and customization possibilities. For more information or advice on the perfect set of commercial doors for your property or business, contact us today!

Commercial Overhead Doors

Let us assist! We provide all the tools you need for your business. Unlike other high-end doors, all overhead doors are designed to be attractive and last a lifetime. To get started, you can request a price estimate or visit us to check out our inventory in person.

Inspiration For Any Project

Ask us about the projects we have completed for our previous customers to get an idea for your very own custom commercial doors installation. Some of our previous work might give you inspiration before starting on your own project.

Rolling garage doors

Rolling Garage Doors

Industrial Door Solution’s heavy duty rolling steel doors ensure that your project specifications are met. They are ideal for places where sideroom, headroom, and back room are important. Our rolling garage doors fit virtually any opening up to 50' wide and 40' tall.

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Rolling Garage Grilles

When your project needs a security grille that is attractive while keeping spaces secure, check out our IDS security grille models. Security grilles are functional and secure to provide you with high security where public access must be restricted without compromising ventilation, light, or visibility.

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Rolling garage grilles
Speciality garage doors

Speciality Garage Doors

Hydraulic swing-up doors are perfect for big openings and well suited for the agricultural and aviation industry. These doors are custom-made to your opening to ensure maximum efficiency. Wind calculations can also be provided to ensure they meet local building codes.

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Glass Garage Doors

IDS overhead aluminum glass doors are the perfect option for architectural and commercial/industrial applications that require visibility, light, and a modern design. The full-view series can be used as an exterior garage door, an interior partition, or even as a versatile patio door.

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Glass garage doors
Fire Rated Garage Doors

Fire Rated Garage Doors

We offer a wide variety of fire-rated rolling door products that meet fire safety standards. They are designed to close automatically in case of a fire. In addition, our system is capable of connecting to fire alarm systems or smoke detectors to close.

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Loading Dock Equiptment

Loading dock equipment is necessary to run your business efficiently. Here at IDS, we can provide you with an array of solutions for your loading dock to operate smoothly and efficiently. We have a complete line of dock levelers, dock bumpers, dock/pit levelers, and scissor lift tables.

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Loading Dock Equiptment
Scissor/Folding Gate

Scissor/Folding Gates

Our scissor gates and folding gates provide ventilation while keeping your premises safe. Made in the USA with 100% galvanized steel, our gates are the best and most heavy-duty products you can buy to protect your assets.

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Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum Roll-up Shutters can be used for commercial and residential applications. These shutters are powder coated in standard colors and can be made in various sizes. Shutters can be motorized, crank-operated, or push-up operated. They serve as security and wind protection.

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Aluminum Shutters
Scissor/Folding Gate

Custom Overhead Roll-Up Garage Doors

Industrial Door Solution provides customized doors for most openings in virtually all directions with precision; installation is easy, no matter the building. Our roll-up doors provide optimum flexibility in any application.

The custom overhead solution provides many benefits, such as operating in high winds, when there is fire and smoke present, and many more. An overhead door provides the safety and protection your property or business needs, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Every Industrial Door Solution client will receive a free quote. This means if you are interested in one of our rolling doors, you’ll receive an estimate with total transparency. To get exact details on how much it will cost to install one of our rolling doors, give us a call, fill out our contact form below, or visit our location and see what we can do for you.


Industrial doors are heavy-duty doors made from galvanized steel that are used for many commercial applications, such as large-scale operations that involve the transportation of goods from truck loading bays or warehouses.
  • Increased security and protection of assets
  • Fireproof material
  • Convenient remote control
  • Weather protection
  • Commercial Overhead Doors
  • Rolling Garage Doors
  • Fire Rated Garage Doors
  • Scissor/Folding Gates
  • Aluminum Shutters
Every industrial door has a variety of features that are suited for different purposes. Some noticeable differences between industrial doors are that they differ in size, material type, durability, manual or automatic/remote control operation, opening/closing speed, and installation cost.

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