Before purchasing a set of commercial doors from us, you should be familiar with where you plan to place them and how they will function.

  • Will they be used in a place where equipment will be moved in and out?
  • Will they be used to cover a garage that stores cars?
  • Or will they be used for a commercial establishment where large groups of people will be going in and out?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine what features the door must have and what type of door you will need.

What Should the Door Offer You?


Not only should the door you select have the design and construction you need, but it should also:

  • Provide protection and security
  • Allow for ventilation as required
  • Provide functionality for business operations

The Four Types of Commercial Doors

When you need a commercial door, you may be looking for a roll-up door, a scissor gate, a fire-rated door, or an overhead door. In this case, we recommended consulting with us so we can determine which type of commercial door is best suited for your property or business.

How Do Overhead Doors Work?

These doors are lifted through a rail or track that runs horizontal to the ceiling. They offer the option of being manually operated or motorized with the aid of a remote-control device. The best aspect of overhead doors is that they retract and do not obstruct anything around them.

Manual or Automatic: How Do You Decide?

It is important for you to decide whether you want to have a manual garage door, which reduces the space required for installation, or an automatic or motorized garage door. What are the advantages or benefits of each?

Manual garage door

These types of doors do not use a motor to open them, but instead use a system of bearings, springs, and levers, which allow for the door to open with very little effort. Maintenance of manual doors is very economical. They merely require that you periodically grease the gears involved in the opening.

Automatic or motorized garage door

As their name implies, automatic doors have a motor that allows for an effortless opening, which is done simply by pressing a button, using a key, or using a remote control. The main advantage of automatic doors is that they can be opened and closed without having to get out of the vehicle.

What Are Overhead Doors Made Of?


In general, these types of doors are made of a combination of glass, metal, aluminum, or wood. These doors consist of different sections made up of long slats that are held in place by hinges. This design allows them to have the necessary flexibility to roll up and down.

Different Types of Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Door

This type of commercial door fits perfectly in loading docks, car garages, or metal buildings, among other sites. Their solid steel construction includes tracks, springs, and everything that is needed for a successful installation.

To best fit the available space, a sectional overhead door can be manufactured with:

  • Standard lift
  • Custom lifts
  • Full vertical lift

You can select either manual or motor operation for your sectional door. If you prefer to have a motor, it can either be:

  • A trolley type operator, which mounts behind the door
  • A jackshaft operator, which mounts next to the door

Multiple options

These doors can be made:

  • Insulated
  • With plain panels
  • With powder coat
  • With a standard lift
  • With a high lift

Motors can be programmed to work with the following features:

  • Time delay
  • Loop detectors
  • Remote controls
  • RFID readers
  • Call boxes

Specialty applications

Do you need a wicket door installed within your sectional overhead door? At Industrial Door Solution, we can install a wicket door within your door. And it can go to the left, the right, or center of the door.

Do you need to consider different panel options? Panel options include glass, flush panel, raised panels, or ribbed panels. All these options can be painted to match the rest of the door or the surrounding building.

Aluminum Overhead Glass Doors

Do you have a specific architectural, industrial, or commercial space that calls for a light and contemporary design while allowing for high visibility? Consider an aluminum overhead glass door.

These doors can be used in many unique settings, from an exterior garage door to an interior partition or maybe as a versatile patio door that allows for the perfect indoor-outdoor setting.

Where would an aluminum overhead glass door be the most spectacular? Think about a car dealership, a modern meeting room, a restaurant that wants to offer its patrons the feeling of being outside while inside, or any industrial setting where visibility is needed and a contemporary design will complement the look.

As with their sectional counterparts, these doors can also be installed with a push-up manual operation or with a motor-operated functionality. But don’t worry about letting in too much light and then having to deal with excess heat inside. These doors are available with insulated LOW E glass for climate control. And the glass can be tinted or frosted to better suit your needs.

Installing an Overhead Door

Installing an overhead door requires a few tools. To start off, the lower door panel will have to be set up in the central part of the door opening. The remaining panels and tracks will be held in place by hinges, screws, and brackets. Call Industrial Door Solution to take care of the installation for you so that you can enjoy your overhead door for many years to come.

Why Buy From Us?

At Industrial Door Solution, we pride ourselves on combining dependable, high-quality products with the most professional installation and maintenance service to our clients. Our specially trained team of technicians will not rest until you are completely satisfied with your overhead door. 

When you need to outfit your residential, industrial, commercial, or business establishment with an overhead door, Industrial Door Solution has the right door for you. We can ship all doors and also install them locally in the Miami area. We also match all competitor’s prices so we can earn your business.We also provide you with professional, expert advice regarding the most precise overhead door to fit your needs. Give us a call today and get a free estimate!

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