Rolling Security Grilles

It’s crucial to exercise caution when it comes to safeguarding your property, goods, and cherished belongings. Security rolling grilles can deter thievery and prevent damages. Industrial door makers can build rolling security grilles that accommodate any space.  

Rolling Security Grille Benefits

Security doors are an indispensable tool helping businesses hold on to their precious things.  Steel security gates have prevented the theft of cars, works of art, furniture, and/or pharmaceutical drugs.  

Not only do rolling grilles keep your things safe but they also allow your merchandise to be seen by passing customers. Your folding security grille is customizable and could be lightweight, durable, and easy-to-operate while permitting the breeze to ventilate your property. Rolling security grilles provide for the following benefits:


Additional Security

According to the FBI, property crime victims lost over $15 billion in 2019. Rolling security grilles can prevent unauthorized access and forced entries at building openings, storefronts, even areas within buildings. When used in conjunction with plate glass storefronts, they serve as a deterrent to smash-and-grab crimes.

Rolling security grilles are harder for graffiti artists to tag due to their design. Roll-up doors make it difficult for anyone to reach behind the grille.  Vandals, looters, and rioters will face difficulties bypassing your security grille to deface your property.

Many doors are engineered to provide an electronically-controlled emergency passage so that the door can be opened expeditiously to get people in or out swiftly. One of the major advantages of automated security gates is that they allow for containment or escape. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

Rolling security grilles increase visibility and are sleeker than solid coiling doors. Curtains can be added to provide beauty for your storefront. Rolling security doors are built to order to fit your opening size and operational preferences. Professional industrial door installers can make sure that your design is pleasing to the eye and secure. 

Low Maintenance

Rolling security grilles can provide a plethora of security and design advantages and save you time. Rolling grilles are easy to maintain and fairly simple to use. They don’t need as much maintenance because they don’t contain complicated mechanisms.

Insurance Reductions

Insurers see the installation of rolling security gates as an investment in the protection of your assets. Insurers have reduced premiums for businesses that install rolling doors and fire shutters. The added security of the rolling grilles can prevent claims from having to ever be made. 

Security Rolling Grilles Applications 

Security grilles can prevent loss, keep employees safe after-hours, and protect your possessions while allowing for your merchandise to be seen. Roll down security gates have been used to protect the following locations:

  • Public places like schools, museums, banks, stadiums, airports, and cafeterias
  • Places of business including auto parts stores, pharmacies, retail stores, dealerships, parking garages, mall kiosks, and warehouses
  • Recreational facilities like bars, gyms, convention centers, and restaurants

Types of Rolling Security Grilles

Industrial Door Solution offers an effective lineup of security grilles that can be used as retail, industrial, and commercial security solutions. Your new metal security doors can come in aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel. These materials are very lightweight and durable. 

Rolling Security Grille Recommendations

Manual grilles are the preferred door-lifting type for those looking to save money because they are less expensive to install. If your property opening is curved or wide, then a side-folding grille will work best for you. The three most common options are:

Motor-operated Grilles

Motor-operated grilles are a type of upward-folding coil gate that is electronically operated. They come with electrical control emergency escape features and are very durable. These grilles can also be operated by hand in an emergency. 

Chain Hoist Grilles

Chain hoist grilles operate manually with a gear-reduced chain hoist. This makes it easier to use. The mounting track that these security grilles slide on, is typically on the interior face of the wall, but there are additional options. 

Counter Rolling Doors

Counter rolling doors are fairly common and are ideal for small spaces. However, these types of doors can be used for larger openings also. Counter rolling doors get their name because they roll down to secure an area while still maintaining good visibility and are usually made with either aluminum or steel.

Why Buy Rolling Security Grilles From Us

Industrial Door Solutions offers quick turnaround on proposals, competitive pricing, experienced designers, and site-specific designs based on your needs. Industrial door solutions can accommodate any door to your needs and we go above and beyond to help you find the most cost-effective solution for your next project.

Chain Operated Rolling Security Grille

Chain Operated Rolling Security Grille

Operation of these grilles can be manually with a gear reduced chain hoist for ease of use. The grilles can be made in aluminum mill finish (standard) aluminum anodized (optional) stainless steel (optional) or gavl steel (optional). The tracks can be mounted between jambs, face of wall or exterior mounted. All of our doors come with a protective hood cover.Grilles can also be designed with high cycle springs for Parking garage applications or where traffic is high and door opens frequently.


Motor Operated Rolling Steel Door

Motor Operated Rolling Steel Door

The motor operated door gives you the ability to operate your door via a motor operator. The motor comes with a pair of photo eye sensors for safety and a wall mount push button with Open-Close-Stop features to operate the doors. In addition Clickers can be added (extra cost) loop floors, RFID readers, arm barriers and many more options.


Counter Rolling Grille

Counter Rolling Grille

Counter Rolling Grilles are perfect for cafeterias, Schools, offices, museums and many more options. Security Grilles can secure and area or location while still maintaining visibility and ventilation. All Parts are made with high grade aluminum mill finish with an option to anodized or powder coat.


Applications for Security Rolling Grilles

  • Mall Stores
  • Cafeterias
  • Retail Stores can be used inside or outside as storefront security
  • Parking Garages
  • Museums
  • Car Dealers

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