Retractable Roll up Screens / Bug Screens


Mesh Roll up Screen Closure

Retractable Roll up Screen .

These screens are perfect for backyards, restaurants, patios, bars and many other applications. The screens can be manufactured with low perforation for privacy or with a high percentage of open microperforation for visibility. Options include motor oper. crank oper. push up and a variety of different colors. 

Microperforated Roll up Screen

MicroPeforated Retractable Roll up Screen.

These Curtains are ideal to serve as bug screens and for environmental applications. Manufactured with high quality perforated material they come in a variety of colors and options such as motor, crank and push up. They can connect in series and operate with one single remote or they can have an independent switch to operate.The perforation on the fabric provides high visibility and great ventilation.

Vinyl Roll up Screen

Retractable Roll up Screen with Vinyl.

Combination of screen and vinyl these retractable systems give you visibility while keeping your place cool and insect free. These are perfect for Back yards, Restaurants, Bars and any application where outdoor weather and elements are to be kept out. Contact us for a price for your specific application.