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Miami Dade County Rolling Doors

Rolling Steel Doors with Miami-Dade County Product Approvals. Rolling Steel products are mainly used to cover the envelope (exterior) of a building, for the most part, in many cases the rolling doors are the last barrier against wind inside a building. In order to effectively combat the wind forces of storms and Tornados Rolling doors […]

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Insulated Rolling Steel Doors

Insulated Vs Non-Insulated Rolling Steel Doors Which is the Best Option for You? Every year commercial buildings pay big amounts of money for energy at their buildings, and much of this goes directly to waste. In order to make sure that your energy is not being wasted you should check your openings for full closures […]

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Powder Coated Rolling Steel Door

When To get your Door powder Coated? Usually, if you are close to a salt environment or located in a city where it snows a lot you would want to powder coat your Roll door, If your door is exterior and subject to the weather elements that can compromise the integrity of the steel we […]

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Motorized Vs. Chain Rolling Door – Roll up Door

Rolling Doors can be made chain-operated and Motorized, while the motor is more comfortable it is important to know when to use it and when it is worth it to spend the extra money on a motorized Overhead Door.  – Chain Operated Doors: When your roll door is chain operated it comes with a gear-reduced […]

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Fire Rated Roll Up Doors

Fire Rated Rolling Steel Doors. What is the difference between a Rolling Door and a Fire Rated Rolling Steel Door? Local codes throughout the US and Canada many times require certain products and building materials to be Fire Rated, Rolling Doors are no exception. But what makes a Rolling Door fire Rated? A fire Rated […]

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