Side Folding Grilles / Sliding Grille closures

Side Folding security Grilles are perfect for applications where security is a high priority but you wan to maximazie visibility and air circulation as well as ligth infiltration.The space required for insatllation of these systems is virtually small compare to other products. The grilles secure premirses and guard against public and theft with compactness and virtually endless design options such as straigh pattern, custom patterns and curve patterns to fit the contour of your building .These Gates are well-suited for malls, retail environments, schools, cafeterias, offices and airports. 

Side Folding Grille Straight Lattice

IDS Side Folding Grille

Ideal for applications such as retail spaces, public spaces, libraries and community centers, these gates are perfect for visibility and high security. Depending on the size of the gate many of them can fit in a small pocket size. These gates can be configured with Curves and custom patterns and angles to fit your entrance with style. When needed they can also be manufactured with a emergency exit door for ADA compliance and code compliance. Different patterns are also availalbe please refer to our Brochure below for pattern options.

Side folding grille plexi glass sliding grille

IDS Side Folding Grille Plexi

Made with Plexi glass inserts these gates are perfect for weather intrusion. The plexi helps to keep bugs out while still maintaining visibility and security. These gates can be made with custom locking systems such as Medeco or BEST for added security. Custom patterns and emergency exit to comply with local codes are also a possibility. Straight or curve track patterns can make these gates fit into virtually any opening. Call us for more information.

Side folding closure Glass

IDS Side folding Grille with Glass

When high security is needed we can help you design a high security glass side folding closure. The glass can be tempered and help with climate control but most important with theft control. Additional header support might be needed to accomodate the extra weight of this heavy duty closure. Custom Patterns and colors are availalbe in this model. Contact one of our design consultants for more detailed information about our security closures.