Rolling Steel Fire Doors 

We offer a wide variety of rated Rolling Door products. Our products meet Fire safety standards. Our system is designed to close automatically in case of a fire. In addition our system is capable to connect to fire alarm systems to close, or via smoke detectors. We also offer Smoke/ Air tested doors in conjunction with Fire rated doors. Available for service doors and many more industrial and commercial applications. IDS provides doors with a UL label that are listed for masonry and non masonry opening construction.Our products can meet up to 3 Hr fire ratings. For more information please go to the request price on our page to obtain specific details about our products.

Manual Operated Rolling Steel Fire Door

Fire Rated Rolling Steel Door

Fire Rated Doors can be made push up (standard) chain (optional ) motorized (optional) crank (optional). The push up operated door is the best solutions when the opening needs to be clear the majority of the time and the door is to be in the up position and  will only come down in case of a fire. The push up door comes with a set of fusible links to aid the door in closing in case of an emergency or fire.

In addition to the fire system these doors can be made with many optional features such as Powder coat, stainless steel. Wind rated for exterior openings and many more. 

Motor Operated Rolling Steel Fire Door

Fire Rated Motor Operated Rolling Steel Door 

Motor Operated Fire Rated doors work in conjunction with the fire system of the door. They have an easy reset fire system where no technical support is needed if the door drops in case of an emergency. Unlike the push up doors where the whole system needs to be re-aasambled, these doors can be open automatically after the fire system closes the door. They come standard in 120 volts but can come in 230, or 460 volts 3 phase (optional). In addition a Push button with a Open/Close/Stop button are added for operation of the door. Oversize Fire Rated Doors are also available.

Stainless Steel Fire Rated Roll up Shutter

Stainless Steel Fire Rated Doors

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Stainless Steel Fire Rated Doors are also available from IDS. 304 no.4 Stainless Steel and 316 no,4 Stainless Steel. We are the only manufacturer in the US to offer 316 Stainless Steel in Wind rated applications. In addition we are also one of the few manufacturers to offer a complete system in stainless steel including tracks, wall angles and even Windlocks which can help your door prevent from rusting. Make sure to contact us for your next Stainless Steel application to ensure you get the best product.


-Fire and Smoke Containment

-Trash Room applications  



-Warehouse Divisions and separations

Below you can see a video of our Fire Rated Roll up Door being tested with the Chain hoist Easy test system. By pulling the release cable you can drop test your fire door to ensure optimal condition and know that it will work in case it is needed.

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