Security Rolling Grilles

 When your project need a Security grill that is atractive while keeping spaces secure,look at our IDS security grille models.Security Grilles are functional and secure to provide you with high security where public access must be restricred without compromising air ventilation, light or visibility.With many options to chose from Rolling Security grilles from IDS make an ideal choice for interior and extior applications for places such as malls,movie theaters, stores, parking garages, museums, police stations, School cafeterias and many more.

Chain operated Rolling Grille

Chain oper. Rolling Security Grille

Operation of these grilles can be manually with a gear reduced chain hoist for ease of use. The grilles can be made in aluminum mill finish (standard) aluminum anodized (optional) stainless steel (optional) or gavl steel (optional). The tracks can be mounted between jambs, face of wall or exterior mounted. All of our doors come with a protective hood cover.Grilles can also be designed with high cycle springs for Parking garage applications or where traffic is high and door opens frequently.

Motor Operated Rolling Aluminum Grille

Motor Operated Rolling Steel Door 

The motor operated door gives you the ability to operate your door via a motor operator. The motor comes with a pair of photo eye sensors for safety and a wall mount push button with Open-Close-Stop features to operate the doors. In addition Clickers can be added (extra cost) loop floors, RFID readers, arm barriers and many more options. 

Counter Rolling Grille

Counter Rolling Grille

Counter Rolling Grilles are perfect for cafeterias, Schools, offices, museums and many more options. Security Grilles can secure and area or location while still maintaining visibility and ventilation. All Parts are made with high grade aluminum mill finish with an option to anodized or powder coat.


-Mall Stores


-Retail Stores can be used inside or outside as storefront security

-Parking Garages


-Car Dealers 

Car Dealer Rolling Grille
Grille at storefornt Mall
Parking Garage Ramp Rolling Grille


Open Rolling Grille Aluminum