April 24, 2018

When To get your Door powder Coated?

Usually, if you are close to a salt environment or located in a city where it snows a lot you would want to powder coat your Roll door, If your door is exterior and subject to the weather elements that can compromise the integrity of the steel we would recommend you to powder coat your door. Yes, a Powder coat is more expensive; on average about $900.00 more on a 10 x 10 but in the long run, it might be the best option for you. You will not need to pay for a new curtain once it is rusted and not operational. The powder coat process ensures all the steel is protected making it harder for rust to penetrate. On average a Door that is powder coated will last 2 or 3 times longer (aesthetically) than a primed or baked-on enamel finish roll-up door. In addition, it is always good to clean your door no matter what material or finish it is made of. Cleaning with a cloth and some grease such as WD-40 can prolong the life of the steel in your door. 

Below you can find some pictures of Powder Coated Rolling Steel Doors. You can also see our Color chart here to find out which color is best for you. 

The Door Below is an Insulated Rolling Steel Door painted in A RAL 7024 Color.