March 17, 2018

Rolling Doors can be made chain-operated and Motorized, while the motor is more comfortable it is important to know when to use it and when it is worth it to spend the extra money on a motorized Overhead Door. 

– Chain Operated Doors: When your roll door is chain operated it comes with a gear-reduced system which makes all the hard work for you, you only need to pull about 20 lbs. down in order to move the roll-up door in either direction. The springs inside the barrel make all the work therefore they need to be adjusted at least once a year so they can work in optimal condition. In addition, It is good to grease your door at least every 6 months to make sure it runs smoothly. We recommend using a chain on doors that are small; If your door is too large you can also use a chain hoist, however, the amount of time to open and close can be long and if your springs aren’t set up properly or adjusted frequently it can become difficult to operate your door. 

– Motorized doors: If you have a large door the best you can do is install a motor. While motors are more expensive, a motor can make your life easier by letting you press a button to open and close your door. Motors now comply with the UL 325 code which means they come with a safety eye sensor for protection. In addition, a safety edge in the bottom bar can be added for safety on Contact. If the door hits any object or person with the bottom, it automatically reverses the door to the open position. 

A motor will always be a more comfortable way to operate a door no matter how small, however, if you are looking for a reliable door with a chain, you can count on our system and make sure that your door will work smoothly every time. If you need help with any industrial door in Miami installation or are in need of assistance, contact the professionals at Industrial Door Solution.