August 16, 2017

Lately we have gotten many requests about a wicket door within a Garage door. Or an entrance door within the garage door so we have decided to share some expertise points and previous jobs pictures of what it takes to get a door within a Garage Door installed and functional.

First, You will need to know what direction would you want the wicket door to swing (in or out). In many cases customers prefer the door to swing out to avoid taking extra space inside the garage door once the wicket door is open. Or if your garage is not long enough once your car is inside the door might not be able to swing in due to lack of space.

Second, Most manufacturers do not have a wind tested door with this application. If you are close by or near a high wind load zone it is important to check with your local building zoning dept. If the door is not tested for impact.If the door is not it means you and your house might be at risk in case of a storm/Tornado or anything of that sort.

Third, and this is probably the most important one as it is directly related to safety. When you purchase a Garage door with the wicket door within it it is very important to get a safety interlock that can detect when the wicket door is open and will stop the motor from operating. For example; if you leave the wicket door open for any reason and you happen to forget to close it and 10 min later you click your remote control from far, the motor will close the door while the wicket door is opened causing major damaged. We recommend to install a safety switch that advises the motor when the door is open, this can be done via a safety interlock switch or photo laser beam. The Motor will not move in either direction if 

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